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Get Inspired: Books

What’s on my nightstand? Check out some of my favorite reads: 

by Napoleon Hill
by Mark Fischer
by Robert Kiyosaki

Financial Tools and Resources

Ready to start your financial journey? Check out these helpful resources: 

Holistic Wellness Resources 

In order to reach unbounded wealth, you have to understand the holistic mediums that help you break from “business as usual.” Try to do something different.

Supports a daily meditation practice
Supports self discovery
You can focus on a particular chakra 
Supports self discovery
Supports self discovery
YouTube Subscription
YouTube Subscription
YouTube Subscription
YouTube Subscription

My Trusted Partners 

Miki Jones

Micky helps clients learn to budget and save. She has a unique ability to hold people accountable and be supportive as they make changes to their finances. 

Cosha Lavante

Cosha’s down-to-earth and steady approach to credit repair is second to none. 

JD Bailey

Leverage infinite banking with JD Bailey’s creative and financially sound approach.

Cynthia Pete

Cynthia teaches real estate wholesaling with integrity. 

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