Hello - I’m Mr. Greene

Financial Freedom is possible. I’ll show you how.

I will help you:

-Evaluate your current financial strategy 

-Develop customized financial solutions

-Serve as the financial project manager/guide, and connect you with partners to help you reach new financial heights

Go From…

Confused to Clear

Lost to Lucrative

Failed to Financially Free


A Different Way Forward

I’m going to say something that might be triggering but it’s important to understanding my philosophy of financial freedom.

It’s well documented that many indentured servants actually felt a sense of security on their plantations. 

After all, it was what they knew. It was clear where their next meal was coming from. While it wasn’t great, life was safe and predictable.

Thankfully, brave leaders such as Harriet Tubman, Gandhi, and Nat Turner helped people expand their vision of what was possible. 

And we as a society never looked back.

A Financial Revolution

Like most people, you are just “getting by” financially. 

You have a stable income that seems predictable. You (like all of us) have been taught to manage your finances in a particular way. 

The difficult part is that this “business as usual” approach keeps you stuck and small. And companies are making vast profits off your compliance.

The good news? 

Another path to financial freedom is possible.

To reach it, you can’t continue to do

 “business as usual.”

I’m on a mission to help you understand the full picture of your finances…

so you can strategically build long term wealth. 

Not sure? That’s normal.

After all, charting a different way feels dangerous. Unknown. 

It’s understandable to feel skeptical. 

After all, you’ve heard the same messages for your entire life– save for retirement. Don’t touch your 401(k). 

But what you don’t know is: Strategic tax-free use of your retirement benefits can totally help you re-write your financial future.

It takes courage and bravery to chart a new path to financial freedom. I’ll be your guide.  

My Story

Southern Alabama Cotton Farm & A City Slicker

My mom grew up on a farm. When she was a child, she picked cotton to provide for her family.

My dad was a resourceful, "city slicker" and he had the gift of gab....building his network and leveraging relationships. 

My parents worked hard- often having two jobs- to ensure my sister and I had our needs met.

Young Entrepreneur

At age 8, I started my entrepreneurial journey. I mowed lawns, painted address signs and sold candy.

In college, I made business cards and was even a self-taught barber– providing many haircuts to my classmates.


I was taught that the way to financial success was getting an education and finding a good job.  

So I earned a business degree and embarked on a 15+ year career in Retirement Benefit Administration.

Time and time again, I saw retirees make poor decisions with their 401(k)s that left them broke and stuck. 

I became passionate about helping people chart a new financial future for themselves…strategically leveraging their resources

401(k) to Financial Freedom

In 2007, I made a move that felt bold at the time: I borrowed money tax-free against my 401(k) and used it to start my first business. 

That choice changed my financial future forever.

Now, I teach you how to responsibly leverage your retirement and employee benefits in order to build long-term wealth.

It’s a bold move. 

Become the captain of your own ship. 

Most people are drowning due to lack of financial knowledge...

lack of education keeps them in financial bondage. 

Taking your financial destiny into your own hands is a revolutionary act…

that will change you forever

When you strategically leverage the resources in your 401(k) in ways that minimize tax liability…

you can embark on a new path to wealth creation. 

You should be able to learn the financial strategies the wealthy use…

and rewrite your financial legacy.

You’ve been told hundreds of times that touching your 401(k) is irresponsible. 

But here’s the thing: that advice comes from those who profit off your retirement funds. 

Such structures simply make money off your fees, while keeping you stuck financially. 

Choosing a different way forward is a revolutionary act. 

Get ready for unbounded wealth. 

Financial Freedom Framework. 

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